Officially a (legal) DC girl! (again)

w00t!! I am officially a DC girl once again. This weekend, after some time spent driving around all four quadrants of DC (I missed my exit…twice), I finally got my car inspected and registered, making me an official, legal resident of DC.

I was so excited to get those stuffy Maryland tags off my car and slap the Taxation Without Representation on my ride. That excitement was quickly squelched thanks to a particularly stubborn bolt. If you were to look at my car now, you would see a DC tag in the front, but a crooked Maryland tag hanging on for dear life on the back. Not even my landlord (an Army officer) who attacked the bolt w/ vice grips and other assorted tool thingys could get it to budge.

I bought a can of bolt-freeze stuff that’s supposed to make rusted things break. I think. Anything that I have to buy at Home Depot is by default something out of my ability to comprehend.Even bolt-freezy didn’t work. Much like Baltimore, this bolt is quite obnoxious and stubborn. So, now I have 3 license plates adorning my car, as if I can’t decide where I want to live.

As much as I bash Ghetto-more, I don’t entirely hate the city. There were times in the brief six months that I lived there, that I actually liked it. Granted alcohol was usually involved with those feelings, but there was something there. I was watching Ace of Cakes last week (I’ve noticed an increased interest in the Food Network since I started my diet) and felt a distinct pang of nostalgia as I watched Charm City Cakes whip up a Maryland-themed wedding cake. I don’t exactly miss Baltimore, it’s more of a wistfulness that comes from things not working out.

I regard it much like a relationship that didn’t work out and ended less than happily. While I do not want to go back under any circumstance, I do wish things had maybe worked out differently. There will be the occasional awkward meeting as we all have mutual friends, the random perking of the ears when *that* name is mentioned, but ultimately I will forget as new memories take its place.

And that’s how it should be.


~ by pithycomments on April 1, 2008.

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