Is it still a quarter-life crisis when you’re almost 30?

Yes, so I took a teeny break from my blog, as some of you may have noticed. I’ve spent the last 10 days dealing with a person and a situation that despite the sweat, tears, prayers and hours of conversation from not only myself but from several other friends scattered about the Eastern seaboard, decided (once again) to revert back to old and dangerous ways.

After receiving text messages telling me (and our other friends) that these actions are to prevent our suffering and other pathetic excuses, I wonder when does this someone wake up and realize that she’s almost 30 yet acting with less maturity than some 14-year-olds.

I know life ain’t easy. And I know she’s dealing with some massive issues. Issues that I can’t begin to wrap my head around, but at the same time, those issues don’t excuse certain behaviors. If someone one tries to help you, lying to them isn’t quite the best way to show gratitude or that you really want to change. It basically shows that you are viewing them as a free bed and breakfast, and that you think that person is gullible enough to buy the load of lies you tell them. And yet, despite all the emotional cruelty that myself and my friends have gone through, we still want to help.

Because somewhere, buried underneath all the hurt, pain and crap she’s been through the past 3 years, is the person we all knew. It may be a teeny-tiny fragment, but it still exists. And because we hope, we will fight. We will help cautiously, guarding our hearts along the way, but we will always be ready should that day come.

In the meantime, we will go about our lives. I will continue to shimmy about DC, hang out w/ my beloved kitteh, and be my delightful, snarky self.  <insert playing of Gloria Gaynor here>


~ by pithycomments on March 24, 2008.

3 Responses to “Is it still a quarter-life crisis when you’re almost 30?”

  1. I adore this blog. We have different niches, but I just adore it, really. Count me as a regular reader.

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