Futon 3, Little Miss Independent 0

Apparently I think I’m Wonder Woman. No, I’m not sashaying around with a lasso of truth and bulletproof bracelets while rocking a patriotic one-piece swimsuit. I am attempting to assemble furniture. I ordered a cute little futon sofa and decided against having it assembled in Ghetto-more where I had access to males with power tools, because I just had to be little miss independent.

Well, Little Miss Independent has spent 2 days trying to finagle screws, bolts and washers while balancing metal rods and wooden armrests. I have managed to nearly crack the thick, wooden armrest by using the wrong screws (the creaking sound along with the slight protrusion on the opposite site of the wood was my first indication of a bad screw), had several near misses involving my head and metal rods, could make a sailor blush with the language I’ve been using, and I am pretty much only at step 1 in the instructions.

At this point, Little Miss Independent is rapidly becoming Little Miss Fuckitall. At the rate the FuckingFuton and I are going, it will be completed by Christmas. Christmas 2010. *

Maybe I’ll just go with an Asian theme and have people sit on pillows on the floor…..

* please note that this post is a not-so-thinly veiled cry for HELP!!


~ by pithycomments on March 12, 2008.

2 Responses to “Futon 3, Little Miss Independent 0”

  1. A) its a shame little miss indpeendant isnt wearing that outfit- we coudl be twins;) and B) Want to borrow some power tools

  2. Oh, it’s totally simple…just stick slot A in slot B-32 and slot DS into A5. that should do the trick. Well, either that, or a nail gun and just force it together…if anything, you might end up with at least a complete armrest?

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