5k Purposeful Walk

Somehow, someway I agreed to participate in a 5k Run Purposeful Walk. I’ll give you a minute to let that sentence sink in….

Coachie, our butt-crack-of-dawn editor, likes to run. Alot. Like everyday. And she actually enjoys it.

On Tuesday, Coachie popped up out of her cube with the idea of a running team. She is running in a 10k (or something like that) and thought it would be fun for to do a “small race” together. At first my inherent reaction to running came forth which is “Oh, heeeeeeeell no!” But as Coachie continued to promote it (we do not work in PR for naught) it began to sound less like a torture session and more like something we could have fun with, if only by laughing at ourselves. Soon, Flippy and I agreed to do a 5k race walk, with the Princess of Pretty joining us. The run walk will be for charity, but not for my preferred charity — Adopt a Coach Bag.

Our all-ovary team is now 5, as Flippy continues to recruit. The boys have declined to join, in favor of drinking beer on the sidelines (do these things have sidelines??) and possible heckling.

A 5k is only 3 miles, which is something I can sorta do on elliptical machine and partially how I succumbed to Coach’s enthusiastic recruiting. Also, having recently seen some pics of me that are only a year or so ago and definite poundage lighter helps to. I’m still not entirely sure how or why I agreed to do this, but I did.

Now, I know that those who know me pretty well have probably dislocated their jaw at this point and are, no doubt, worried about my mental well-being. I have always said that I would run for two things: if something was on sale or if I was being chased. I would much prefer to do the purposeful walk while on a Vespa, Segway or those shoes that kids wear with the little roller skates on the bottom. And with a flask.

I have no aspirations for winning this thing. I highly doubt that we will even be given a participation ribbon. I envision us getting escorted off the track/trail/runway for causing a “disturbance.” Contents of the aforementioned flask may or may not contribute to this.

Though, if someone were willing to dangle a designer bag in front of me as motivation to complete the race, please let me know. I’d like a Kate Spade bag, kthxbai!


~ by pithycomments on February 28, 2008.

9 Responses to “5k Purposeful Walk”

  1. How about i chase you as I’m dragging Robin in her wagon? Instead of Oxen, you guys can just start calling me Crazy Wildebeest.

  2. We already call you that behind your back.

  3. At this point in my life, I don’t think I’d run even if someone was after me. Moving around this much bulk, suddenly and in a jostling manner is ill advised.

    So many reasons to move out there. If I was there, I’d be riding a Segway in circles around you guys. Luring each of you along with a designer bag, a keg in a wagon for Flips, and a pack of cigs for PoP.

    I’ll need some pictures of this one.

  4. ill take marlboro ultra lights please… that is sure to get me to move along quicker… although if you put the keg in the wagon crazy wildebeest is pulling there’s a chance she will stop pulling and sit, drink and smoke with me.

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