muffin tops and emotional roller coasters

If there was a prize for emotional roller coaster rides, I would be rocking a very nice trophy thanks to this weekend. After heading down to DC to get my taxes done (always a delightful experience thanks to previous employers inability to provide me with correct W-2 forms), I went to my old/new apt to check it out.

The apt looked as wonderful as I remembered — I even hugged a wall at one point, much to the amusement of my landlord. Freshly painted, a new screen-door in the works and dimmer switches for all the lights, make the return to Tenleytown that much better.

Riding the high that came from being in DC (and fresh paint fumes), I decided to spend some quality time at the mall. As I headed to Sephora, I noticed more than one male glance in my direction. After checking that nothing vital had fallen out, I began to revel in the glow of being hit with the pretty stick that morning.

After my Sephora fix, I strutted to Nordstrom’s to venture into the designer jean department. After finding out that my size equaled the cut-off age for guys I would date, my glow began to dull a little. As I slipped on the Joe’s Jeans Honey cut jeans and turned around in the mirror, I was greeted with the mother of all muffin tops. No amount of tugging, sucking in or re-adjusting helped. It was a muffin top explosion.

Trying on 7 jeans proved just as fruitless. You could actually hear the zipper crying for mercy as it peered up and saw the muffin looming above it. The more I looked at my muffin-y goodness, the less I felt the glow of the pretty.

The next morning I started prepping for the day’s packing by catching up with my Tivo. Halfway thru Ugly Betty, I began to wonder where my furry lil’ companion was. I had been up for an hour and nary a demanding meow had been heard. I figured he preferred the electric blanket heat of my bed to the arctic chill that is my living room. After a little while, he appeared, squeaked a little meow, and stared at me.

I looked over at him and noticed that his eyes weren’t even. His eyes are always striking and this mismatch was quite noticeable. After watching him and noticing that he was interested in eating or playing, I followed him back upstairs for more staring. After seeing what I thought was blood in his eye, I started a slight panic. After a not-so-reassuring call to PetSmart, we were off to the vet.

2 1/2 hours, $500 and half a box of tissues later, I still don’t know what’s wrong with my baby. Several possibilities were ruled out, but a definite cause was not named. More blood tests results will come back this week and should give us the answer. Right now, it might be a form of kitty hemophilia, but I really have no clue as the vet’s thick accent and use of several syllable words made comprehension a bit difficult.

For now, he’s a bit more himself, but not really. His eye doesn’t look like it’s still bleeding, and he’s walking around more, but he’s not the vocal and playful cat that he was last week.

A muffin top doesn’t seem like such a tragedy now.


~ by pithycomments on February 11, 2008.

6 Responses to “muffin tops and emotional roller coasters”

  1. poor nutmeg…. I sowwy but I’m sure he’ll be back to playful kitty soon enough:)

  2. You have an age cut off point? You’re a better person than me.

    I stop going to public places, at this age and weight I know any looks I draw have nothing to do with a pretty stick.

    Keep us posted on Nutmeg. He prolly just scratched himself or has a cold. Hang in there.

  3. I have 2 different cutoff ages. One for guys I would date and one for guys I would use, abuse and then lose.

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