Home, sweet home!!

I am no longer homeless! Last night after yet more disappointing apartment showings (one had a delightful bedroom/kitchen combo, the other required over $2k in deposits and fees to move in), I decided to call my old landlords to let them know I was moving and to use them as references.

I soon found out that my wonderful, cozy, funky basement apartment in Tenleytown never got rented out and that they couldn’t wait for me to move back it, cat and all!! No more Craigslists, no more visiting sketchy resident managers, no more saving my quarters for coin-laundry machines!! It’s going to be like I never left, except this time I get to have my furry lil’ companion.

I can now walk to my belly dance classes, have a Whole Foods at my fingertips, become a regular fixture at Spring Garden Chinese restaurant again (how they survived without my bi-weekly order, I’ll never know), and not have to worry about another car break-in.

Come March 10th, my Coach bag and I will be back where we belong.


~ by pithycomments on February 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “Home, sweet home!!”

  1. Yay.. now you can have moving fun.. perhaps I coudl suggest some movers:)

  2. “and not have to worry about another car break-in.”

    Why, oh why, must you jinx yourself?

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