you probably didn’t know… (courtesy of This Fish Needs a Bicycle)

Carebear turned me on to This Fish Needs a Bicycle and today’s post inspired me.

I like syrup on my scrambled eggs. I drink fancy flavored coffees only on the weekends. I love to bellydance. I love Coach bags but hate Louis Vitton. I sleep with a heavy blanket even in the summer. I love pilates, but despise yoga. I have slept with guys from every major world religion and three different continents. My cat is the most successful relationship I’ve ever had.

I’ve been told I have an evil, diabolical cackle. I wear weather-inappropriate footwear. I have washed a car wearing high-heeled boots. I don’t clip coupons even when I really should. I’ve never tried any sort of drugs and don’t feel like I’ve missed out on anything in the slightest. My driving scares people and I like it.

I love Chik-fil-a. I don’t know enough about wine. I’m allergic to vodka. Bourbon and coke makes me even more flirty than usual. I hate making my bed. I read the dictionary for fun as a little girl. I swear like a sailor, especially when driving. I want to learn Portuguese. I dream of living in Europe. Visiting Colombia doesn’t scare me, but living in Baltimore does. I prefer M&M’s to fancy chocolate.

I’m quirky and I love it.


~ by pithycomments on January 23, 2008.

2 Responses to “you probably didn’t know… (courtesy of This Fish Needs a Bicycle)”

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  2. I’ll move to Europe with you. We can wear flipflops in the rain in London and then I can blog about how I’m living up to my title. Then we can move to Italy and learn everything there possibly is to know about wine. You can then read the Spanish dictionary aloud to me as we venture over to Spain.

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