Trail of Tears

For weeks we haven known that our happy little corner of the world would be uprooted and schelped over to the dark side: The “other” building. Home to the IT dept, Sparkage and an annoying puppy dog.

There no Princess Robin here, there’s no pleather jacket to mock here, no ALW to mock, no high-pitched squeal to mock (actually, that one I don’t miss), no high school smoke breaks where we mock people….hmmmm, I sense a trend.

Here there are smaller cubes, a brighter bathroom, auto-flush bathrooms (which can be a bit startling when you’re not expecting it) confusing cube layouts, a smaller kitchen, and a creepy quiet. As this is the home to IT, I fear that we will be subjected to a Star Wars marathon of some sort. The scent of nerd lingers in the air. It frightens me.

There are some upgrades to the “other” building: it’s warmer, they have a real Starbucks coffeemaker that gives you freshly ground coffee brewed at the touch of a button( I nearly kissed it when I saw it), a bigger fridge, and it places me that much closer to the crossroads of heaven. (aka Starbucks, Chik-fil-A and Target)

Despite the few thrills, everyone who moved with us has the same look of annoyance and confusion on their face and the hint of bitterness when we speak is obvious. We are not a happy group of travelers. One annoying little bee-yotch gives me a death stare when I pass her cube. We want back in the real building; the one that doesn’t feel like a supply closet where you put boxes that you only need once a year.

Here, I feel like I am in a Dilbert cartoon or a scene from Office Space. The happy corner of the world never felt like that.


~ by pithycomments on January 3, 2008.

6 Responses to “Trail of Tears”

  1. Not all of us have smaller cubes…. 😀

  2. bitch

  3. flip flops seems a wee bit too happy abotu this move…

  4. Being strong women, you guys should do what women have always done when entering the lair of a man. Take over.

    Put up frilly things and doily’s, leave your panties hanging to dry, speak of feminine hygiene products loudly and often. Reprogram the favorites on the remote, put pictures up of your family and ugly friends, then snap at any of the males if they enter the 100ft “personal space”.

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