A view from a fluffy cat.

As the MidgetGrinch has stated, I am cat-sitting her lil’ precious. Here is some insight to the event so far from Bizzi’s point of view.


Mid-morning, somewhere in Virginia:

The Little Human has been acting suspicious this morning. She has been more touch-feely lately, which I have endured with my usual regal cuteness. Now LH is packing those inane things she insists on dangling in front of my face into a large bag. She’s also cleaning that degrading box that I must relieve myself in. (why I must risk breaking a nail on the gravel-like sand she give me, while she sits on a porcelain throne is an egregious error that I plan on correcting when in my plan to take over the world. )

Hmmm….LH is now packing the diet food that I am forced to consume on a daily basis. I can only hope that she is going to throw it out. I much prefer the cat food I’ve seen on TV.
What?!?! Now she is bringing out that plastic contraption that she placed me in before when I traveled. Why, god, why?? Paris Hilton’s animal gets Louis Vitton and I get Rubbermaid.

Early afternoon, in a ghetto in Baltimore:

Well, this is an interesting turn of events. LH has brought me to Dante’s inner circle of Hell. Outside looks suspiciously like those episode’s of the Wire. At least the potential for being a drive-by victim has silenced LH’s meowing to me. LH is joined by another female human who has the scent of another of my kind about her. Is this some sort of playdate? Seriously? I do not get humans.

Well, this Other Cat’s Human seems to own a mansion and is delightfully bread-free! Though there is another cat to contend with, I have successfully sent him running to the top of the refrigerator. OCH seems impervious to my charms and occupies herself with Other Cat. Hmph….we’ll see about that. LH seems to have left, wonder where she we–oooh…non diet-cat food! Yummy!


~ by pithycomments on December 24, 2007.

One Response to “A view from a fluffy cat.”

  1. dear OCH,

    no separation anxiety?? Keep squirting my lil precious with water, and I guarantee she’ll miss me next time…

    merry xmas from grinchymcLH

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